About Our Barn

The Domnarski Farm barn is a three story, post and beam, 36’ x 60’, twelve 10’ x 12’ stall barn with a 60’ x 12’ alleyway. It took just under one year to build by Greg Searfass from Pennsylvania and Matthew J. Domnarski.

One stall is converted for use as a tack room and the upper floors are accessed by a shipman’s ladder. The barn has a unique feature, a fourth floor 12’ x 16’ observation deck for viewing the surrounding property. Each stall has a trap door from which hay can be dropped directly into the corner hayrack.

The foundation is four steel reinforced concrete slabs 3’x 62’ long and four feet underground below the frost line to prevent heaving. On top each slab is anchored a 8”x 8”x 4’ pressure treated post (28 in all). The foundation is a combination “pole barn” concrete foundation.

The barn has a traditional post and beam frame with very little steel reinforcement. Over 400 – ¼ inch and 1 inch pegs were used in assembly. It was built with traditional style but using modern power tools (Makita chain mortiser). Although the barn has seven bents, it was built one floor at a time, stacking the second and third floors instead of using a crane to hoist a full bent. It has a steel painted roof guaranteed for 30 years with a two foot overhang on all sides.

If you would like to know more about the barn’s construction then
CLICK HERE . I can send you the 16MB document in two parts via e-mail, or I can mail a compact disc (cd). Doing it yourself is quite the experience and I put a lot of research to pull off a barn that we are very proud of. We consider it not only a structure, but also a work of art on a tight budget. We are more than happy to share our experience!